Monday, November 2, 2015

"Visions of Vampirella" Trading Card set (1995) On Sale Now!


Listed for sale is 1 x set HERE in the TOYSREVIL-Shop is the "Visions of Vampirella Trading Card set" from Topps. Released in 1995, this hand-collated set consists of 90 x basic cards (no "chase" or inserts).

*Only one complete set of basic cards were available from my single box.

The set features artwork from covers of Vampirella magazine in "Classic Gallery", and as well "Modern Gallery", "Genesis" and "New Visions". Contributing artists include artwork and illustration by John Bolton, Jose Gonzalez, Trina Robbins, Hearn Cho, Gray Morrow, Bo Hampton, Caesar, Brian Stelfreeze, Thom Ang, Julie Bell, Simon Bisley, Frank Brunner, Fastner & Larson, Hugh Fleming, Scott Hampton, Ray Lago, Joseph Michael Linsner, Tony Meers, George Perez, Eric Peterson, Mark Schultz, Dean Williams and Boris Vallejo.

In addition to the video look at the set, you can see some random sample pics HERE on FB (dedicated album) as well :)

Thank you for your purchasing considerations!

The Genesis of "Cardshoppe"

...many moons ago (somewhere in the early to mid-1990s perhaps), I had adopted the moniker "CARDSHOPPE", in an attempt to trade and sell my trading card collections, under a unified name / brand, and imagined myself in a comfortable position of being able to collect trading cards, and be able sustain my hobby with sales of trading cards, at the same time!

That of course was naively foolish wishful-thinking, as I'd descended into self-induced madness, buying into a frenzy of gratification, and lay claim over numerous hand-collated sets ad loose cards, like I would that dragon in "The Hobbit" (whose name I forget...) that lived in a mountain cave with all his gold and treasures laid about him ... and that was a sad state to be in, methinks ... especially after I had Stroke back in 2010 (but that's another story for another time...).

Literal decades later, after leaving the hobby and taking up yet another life-debilitating hobby of collecting "toys" - i am back, and still attempting to revive "the brand", but this time, in an attempt to SELL my trading card collection(s) instead.

No, I no longer "collect" trading cards ... and have since "lost" my notebook with all missing cards written and noted down, alas ... but it's alright, I have new "vices", which I blog about regularly on TOYSREVIL (the name says a lot about my new "vice", innit? HAH).

I am based in Singapore, and all packages will be mailed out of Singapore.

Please bear with me as I attempt to fill these pages with the wonders of my time before and yesteryear :)